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Kansas Dove Hunts at Upland Inn Hunts
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Kansas Dove Hunts at Upland Inn Hunts

Upland Inn Hunts

Dove Hunting

Upland Inn Hunts offers some incredible dove hunts. With the season opening on September 1st of every year, we get the benefit of having the local population to hunt, plus many of the birds from northern states that may have been pushed south to us. Typically we will set up over a small pond with lots of bare ground around edges. In the mornings and evenings, the doves will flock to these water sources. Since we are in sandy soils, there is not much standing water in the area. This limits the amount of areas that the dove can go for water, and produces some fast paced dove hunting. With a liberal limit of 15 doves per day, we can ensure that you get plenty of action during your hunt.

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Upland Inn Hunts

Your Typial Upland Inn Dove Hunt

We start with a home cooked breakfast before sunrise. We will then head to one of our ponds to get set up. With the use of mojo decoys, the doves will flock in from the many corn, wheat, bean, sunflower, and milo fields in the area. Our labs will help with the retrieves of your downed birds. After the action slows down around 10:30 am, we will head back to the lodge for lunch and relaxation. We will then head back to the ponds around 3:30 in the afternoon for another evening of fast action. Doves can fly up to 55 mph on powerful wing beats, sometimes making sudden ascents, descents, and dodges, their pointed tails stretching behind them. They can provide a challenging hunt even for the best shotgunners. That evening, we will have an excellent dinner while we reminisce about the great experiences we had that day.

Upland Inn Hunts

Dove Hunting Rates & Dates

  • Per Hunter/Per Day — $250
  • Season runs from September 1st to October 31st

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Upland Inn Hunts

What's Included in Your Dove Hunt

  • Lodging in one of our 2 modern hunting lodges
  • The Hunt with Our Knowledgeable Guides
  • 3 Excellent meals per day
  • Use of our hunting dogs or yours
  • Non-Alcoholic beverages

Not Included in Price:

  • KS hunt license with a a HIP stamp
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Ammo - We recommend shot size of 7 ½ or 8’s for dove hunting.