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Bird Dogs of Upland Inn Hunts
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Bird Dogs of Upland Inn Hunts

Because of our incredible bird numbers, our bird dogs typically get into more birds during a season that most dogs do in a lifetime. Just like an athlete, the more one practices their craft the better they become at it. We are proud of the quality and diversity of our line of dogs, and we feel it adds to the uniqueness of your hunt by getting to hunt behind different quality breeds.

English Pointers:

We currently have 6 English Pointers – Our pointers are bird finding machines, covering more ground than a typical dog. They have been trained to stay within gun range of the group, and quarter back from side to side. The intensity of a pointer on point will stick with you for a lifetime.

German Shorthair Pointers:

We have 2 new young GSP that will be ready to rock this season. Shorthairs are a popular breed for upland game bird hunters, and their desire to please makes the a perfect addition to our kennel.

Labrador Retrievers:

We have 7 labs that help immensely on retrieving downed birds. With 2 chocolate, 4 black, and 1 yellow, watching their expertise on retrieving your downed birds will make you appreciate having them on your hunt.